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Linksys WAG-325N review

A sadly damp farewell from Linksys

The remarkably bland colours are apparently favoured by the US market

Our Verdict

Ultimately, it is the excellent price that makes this such a good product although it does include the necessary essentials


  • Great price

    Strong performer


  • Unfortunate colours and design

With the news that Linksys as a brand has been killed off by owner Cisco, it's a somewhat hollow final outing for the latest of its multi-function wireless modem/routers.

The WAG-325N is about as uninspired as its corporate blue and black outer shell; although we're told this is the favoured coloured scheme for the US.

The main reason anyone should consider buying this device is for the combined 802.11n and ADSL2+ modem/router which comes at a very low price. Although the hardware is twice the price of the Billion, you'll be blessed with double the wireless speeds. While utterly average by 802.11n standards the 5MB/s same room speeds, and 3.1MB/s one room away, leaves any none-MIMO G kit in its dust.

The interface whilst pretty enough is still slow to use, basic web interface. As you'd hope all the QoS and WMM support you could want is implemented, along with the usual WEP, WPA and 802.1x security, but the price remains it's greatest asset