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Hitachi PJTX100 review

Super quiet, super operation makes it a favourite

It works perfectly well out of the box

Our Verdict

The Hitachi doesn't claim to specialise - and doesn't have to. It's great at everything


  • A truly affordable HDTV projector

    Excellent resolution

    Very quiet operation

    Great film/data quality after fiddling


  • It's a big, bulky unit

    It can be tricky to get the best out of it

If this projector doesn't make you sit up and pay attention, nothing will. Obviously crafted to be a home projector from the ground up, its enormous 1.6x zoom lens is its most striking visual feature. But the real technological treat is that it has an HDTV-compatible, 1,280x720 LCD panel. Unlike most LCD projectors this one even boasts a decent contrast ratio, though our tests came in more around 600:1 than the 1,200:1 that the manufacturer claims, so we'll be the judges of that.

Other notable features include super-quiet operation, an easy-to-use remote control and a fantastic menu system with all the options you need. Even better, there are simple controls on the projector itself that really help with setting it up.

Getting the most out of the PJTX100 took a little while, getting a compatible screen resolution and playing with the projector controls, so if you're likely to find this daunting you might prefer to steer clear.

Indeed, it works perfectly well out of the box. It produces an excellent data display and a high-quality film experience with excellent colours and contrast - a very pleasing display. The appearance of the PJTX100 does count against it somewhat; it certainly is an acquired taste.

The Hitachi might be quite expensive, but it does offer a high resolution and is impressively silent in use. Certainly 'you get what you pay for' is an apt phrase. Although it does take a bit of time to set up, once done the resulting colour quality is excellent, particularly for films. For Mac work, the PJTX100 also offers a perfectly sharp and consistent image, making it easy for us to recommend.