Toshiba 42DB833B

Blu-ray is built-in but is this the all-in-one TV it claims to be?

Toshiba 42DB833B
If you are looking for a simple TV with media playback from USB, this could be a good choice

toshiba 42db833

It's not often we test a TV with just two HDMI inputs. It's no surprise to see less than normal, but the presence of a Blu-ray player doesn't excuse that paltry number – there should be a third on board. Worse still, there's only one on the rear of the 42DB833B, with the second slightly awkwardly placed on the lower left-hand side's connections panel.

Also on there is a USB slot, a Common Interface slot (for adding TV channel packages to the Freeview tuner), and a headphones jack.

Above those is the Blu-ray player itself, a very svelte component that doesn't appear to add much at all to the 42DB833B's girth. It's joined by a couple of ins and outs that all Blu-ray players need for BD Live duties, namely a USB slot and an Ethernet LAN jack.

Unfortunately the latter doesn't mean the 42DB833B can be networked and streaming be indulged in; it's purely here to pipe-down BD Live content from relevant Blu-ray discs, and that USB slot has a similarly one-trick remit, only hosting BD Live downloads and not, like its brethren below it, able to play digital video, music or photo files.

There's no online dimension on the 42DB833B whatsoever; don't be fooled by the 'applications' tab on the main user interface for it only contains links to the Freeview tuner's EPG, an 'on' timer, and a sleep timer.

Picture processing is scant on this 50Hz panel, and its Active Backlight Control and 3D Colour management don't do much to change that, though when activated the latter allows base colour adjustments across the spectrum for hue, saturation and brightness.