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Samsung UE60D8000 review

LED TV is the ultimate mix of Smart technology and picture performance

Samsung UE60D8000
The D8000 Series from Samsung may be pricey, but the picture quality is near faultless

Samsung ue60d8000

As soon as you've unboxed the Samsung UE60D8000 you're aware it's something special. The brand's One Design, with its ultra-thin bezel, is the best on the market, and its 60-inch screen just cries out for some hi-def action.

In terms of features, there's not much missing from the UE60D8000. Built in Wi-Fi, 3D support (with supplied glasses), media streaming, VOD, apps, advanced picture adjustments and USB HDD recording are all offered. It's only THX certification, and a dedicated preset, that I think it's lacking.

You could spend hours with the UE60D8000's Smart features, but you'll be missing out on a sterling picture performance. Hi-def material is routinely dazzling, with astonishing levels of detail and clarity, and 3D images benefit from sharpness, stability and the combination of huge display and thin bezel. Standard-def is naturally less impressive, but still watchable.

We liked

The UE60D8000 offers a first-rate 3D performance that markedly improves on the first wave of stereoscopic tellies, packed with depth and detail.

2D images impress even more, thanks to stunning clarity, natural colours and dynamism. Meanwhile, Samsung's Smart TV offering is a hoot, with its mixture of apps, VOD and social networking sure to make your neighbour's TV look positively stupid. Oh, and the design is simply gorgeous.

We disliked

The audio performance of the UE60D8000 is a real let down - you'll want to partner it with at least a dedicated soundbar to do justice to its visuals - and the backlighting system of the supplied remote control has a mind of its own.

Getting to grips with the TV's extensive picture tweaks will take some time, too - possibly too much time for many buyers.

Finally, the UE60D8000's media file support isn't comprehensive, with DivX videos, for example, failing to play.

Final Verdict

With products as lovingly-crafted as this, it's no wonder that Samsung is the UK's leading TV brand.

The UE60D8000 is a dangerously seductive TV. Once you've experienced its mindblowing bigscreen images, mesmerising design and class-leading smart functionality you'll be hunting around for £4,300 so you can own one. And if you can't raise that much cash, you can always check out the 55-inch or 46-inch versions.

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