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LG might also make a smartwatch, to nobody's surprise

LG might also make a smartwatch, to nobody's surprise
We doubt it'll look anything like this

LG has completed the smartwatch rumour quadrumviate with a couple of wearable tech leaks of its very own.

The Korea Times reports that LG has a smartwatch in the works, just as Samsung says it does, the FT says Google does and the internet says Apple does.

LG's version is said to sync with a smartphone so that notifications show up on your watch, shockingly.

It's supposedly set to run either Android or the upcoming Mozilla Firefox OS, which would be a turn up for the books given that LG has made a good number of Android phones over the past few years.

Glass houses

What's more, the paper says that its sources have heard tell of a Google Glass competitor from the LG camp, although it doesn't elaborate on that any further.

It all started with Pebble, the phenomenally successful Kickstarter project which began shipping its first generation smartwatches this month. How the company will fare in the face of all this (supposed) heavyweight competition is one to watch.

But you know what they say: from tiny pebbles mighty boulders grow. They say that, right? What do you mean "that's not how rocks work"?