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Watch the Arrested Development season 5 trailer and get ready for its return to Netflix

Arrested Development

It’s the final countdown to the Arrested Development season 5 release date, and Netflix has a new trailer to get you ready for the latest round of Bluth family antics.

The fifth season of Arrested Development lands on the streaming service on May 29, giving fans of the short-lived network television sitcom a fresh look into the lives of the dysfunctional Orange County family. 

Not much has changed, it would seem, as tensions continue to run high in the trailer even as the Bluths begin campaigning for a 'family of the year' award. 

The years may have gone by, but the family and its members remain stuck in... well, read the show title. 

Michael Bluth, the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together, tries to break ties, but we already know how that works out. 

Check out the trailer for yourself below. The entire original cast is back for season 5, including Jeffrey Tambor, who was fired from Amazon's Transparent amid sexual harassment allegations.