BBC to screen Six Nations in 3D HD

The BBC is to stage a trial broadcast of the Six Nations rugby match between England and Scotland in 3D high-definition.

The trial is the being put together as a partnership between the BBC and the3DFirm – which is itself a joint venture between media communications firm Can Communicate, 3D technology specialist Inition, and 3D post-production house Axis Films.

Three 3D rigs

It’s understood that the trial will employ three 3D camera rigs at the match which will capture the action in HD. The signal from each camera will then be compressed and beamed to the Riverside Studios, where it will be decompressed and turned into a 3D image to be projected onto a large screen.

According to Aashish Chandarana from BBC Sport the event is being staged to see how well the technology works: "We're not saying that this is how people will watch sport in the future but it proves the ability of the technology.”

"We're trying to do something no-one's tried before and bounce dual HD signals around and re-encode them as a 3D experience," Chandarana added.

Unfortunately, the screening is taking place behind closed doors to a select audience on this occasion, but if successful could eventually usher in a new age of 3D sports coverage.

"3D is taking off as a big screen event around the world for recorded material. There may be interest in broadcasting live events to big screen venues and if there is we want to be at the forefront of those producing it," says Chandarana.