There's even more evidence the Samsung Gear S4 will launch in August


Following the news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch being scheduled for August 9, we've now heard more evidence that the Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch is in development and is almost ready to launch.

The watch has been spotted by 91mobiles going through the Eurasian Communications Commission (ECC), which is a certification body most devices with wireless connectivity have to go through.

We've already seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4 go through the equivalent body for the US called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The listing on the ECC for the Samsung Gear S4 doesn't reveal much about the watch, but it does further suggest that the watch will be ready to launch in the coming months.

When will it land?

Although the listing doesn't reveal any specific specs or features, we have heard from previous rumors that the watch will be a big improvement on the Samsung Gear Sport, with room for a larger battery thanks to a smaller chipset.

It's also rumored that there will be another sub-display within the bezel of the watch, and that the bezel will rotate so you can use it to navigate around the watch like on previous Samsung watches.

We've also heard news that the watch is set to come in two different sizes, plus a more uncertain rumor suggests it may include blood pressure monitoring tech.

Other rumors have suggested the Samsung Gear S4 will be announced at IFA 2018 alongside the Galaxy Tab S4 tablet, but there's always the chance the company will decide to reveal the devices earlier alongside the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9.

Via Phone Arena