Samsung Galaxy S10 5G edition may pack a monster display, but Note 10 will be bigger

As Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors gather pace it seems likely the handset will pack a screen around 6.1 inches in size, but there could be a 5G variant of the phone which will be an absolute monster.

According to reliable leaker Ice Universe, the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 will pack a 6.11-inch display, but a 5G version of the S10 will apparently come with a massive 6.66-inch screen.

That would not only make it larger than the current Galaxy S9 Plus (6.2-inch), but also larger than the Galaxy Note 9 (6.4-inch) - which would be quite a considerable leap.

The Twitter leaker actually lists screen sizes for all of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 variants, as well as giving us a clue as to how big the display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be. Spoiler: it's set to be huge.

Could it be a 5G plus instead?

A 5G variant of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is easy to believe - we know 5G will have its break out year in 2019, and OnePlus has already confirmed it will be producing a separate 5G handset alongside its main flagship range, so we expect other manufacturers to follow suit.

What's a little more tricky to believe here is the fact it will be the standard Galaxy S10 model which is getting a screen size boost to 6.66 inches. It would make more sense for the 5G version to actually be an upgraded Galaxy S10 Plus, which Ice Universe tips to pack a 6.44-inch screen as standard.

However, this new report does follow on nicely from a previous tweet by Ice Universe, which suggested a 5G variant, known as 'Beyond X', would come with a 6.7-inch display.

If true, there's some bad news as the tipster believes the 5G Galaxy S10 will only be available in South Korea and the US.