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Sony's Digital Paper aims to wipe out paper, forgets we already have tablets

Digital paper is still a thing that Sony is working on
Digital Paper: great kindling for a digital fire

Sony has unfolded a new digital paper product that it has imaginatively called Digital Paper.

Like actual paper, it lets you make notes and highlight stuff using a special stylus, but unlike actual paper it also lets you download and upload documents to the internet, and store up to 2,800 documents from just the one slab.

The slab in question has a 13-inch display and good luck trying to get a paper cut off the 6.8mm edge. Full letter-size documents are displayed as annotation-friendly PDFs.


Sony says you should get up to three weeks' of use from a single charge and while there's no backlight, the high-contrast display means that "text can be read clearly, even in bright sunlight" - just like real paper!

Unlike real paper, the Digital Paper device can't be folded, scrunched up or used to start a fire, and will set you back $1,100 when it goes on sale in May.

It's really going to mess up the rules of Rock Paper Scissors, because we're pretty sure a rock could beat this thing - but scissors not so much.