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Sony Ericsson to rebrand with new colours?

Sony Ericsson's new logo(s)?
Sony Ericsson's new logo(s)?

Sony Ericsson looks set to announce a whole raft of new colours to its brand by changing the colour of its balls.

By balls, we obviously mean the small spherical logo above the SE brand name, which will now come in pink, blue, purple and a weird brownish colour in addition to the traditional green.

The new coloured logos are expected to be used on marketing materials rather than the phones themselves, but may pre-empt the different directions SE is going to take mobile phone-wise.

Colour coding

A majestic brown? That sounds like the new Xperia line. Giggly pink? The T-Series (which features phones with butterflies on). The icy blue - well, that's got to have the new Satio et al lining up at the paint shop.

Admittedly, we're just having a guess here, seeing as it's equally as likely the pictures are nothing more than someone putting the logo in Photoshop and hitting the 'fill' option.

But we like new things at TechRadar, and what better way to pass a Friday afternoon than by looking at multi-coloured (mobile phone) balls?

Via Eldar Murtazin (translated)