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Samsung remixes Soul phone into candybar

It's got soul but it's not a soldier

In a slightly surprising move, Samsung has just unveiled a companion phone to the recently released Soul handset – a new flavour of remix, if you like.

The Soulb takes the guts of its sibling and places them in a candybar-style straight case, instead of the sliding keyboard design of the earlier model.

Camera down, memory up

Although the camera drops from five megapixels to three, much of the rest of the gadgetry is still there inside that metallic body, which is just under 1cm thick now.

At the forefront are the usual media attractions, including an RDS FM tuner, an audio player for most formats and a very basic video editor for movies shot from the handset.

Best of all is 1GB of internal memory, which is ten (and a bit) times that of the original Soul. The touch-sensitive D-pad screen, however, has had to make way to fit everything in.

The tri-band GSM Soulb will hit Germany first (in June), followed by the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia and South America soon after.