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iPod and Bluetooth mobile music system

Gear4's HouseParty Blu speaker system combines an iPod docking set-up with Bluetooth mobile connectivity

An iPod speaker system that also enables iPod users to stream music from their own or friends' Bluetooth mobile phones went on sale today. The Gear4 HouseParty Blu speaker system is the first home iPod docking speaker system to enable users to listen to music from an iPod or streamed via Bluetooth, Gear4 claims.

The HouseParty Blu stereo speaker system offers 30W speaker output and comes with adaptors for a range of iPods. Stereo Bluetooth can be streamed from the growing number of phones supporting the stereo Bluetooth A2DP profile. Owners can pair up their own phones or let others play tunes they've loaded up on their mobiles. Other portable music players can also be linked up via a 3.5mm cable.

The HouseParty Blu stereo speaker system - and iPod - can be operated via a supplied remote control as well as from onboard touch sensitive backlit controls. The HouseParty Blu system is available now at £79.99.