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Memory card vending machines hit airports

Kingston Technology and MyMemory introduce the UK's first memory vending machine

Travellers who have forgotten to buy extra memory cards for their cameras or mobiles have had their last-minute shopping made easier with the installation of the UK's first memory vending machine in Gatwick Airport.

Memory specialist Kingston Technology has teamed up with MyMemory to introduce the first memory vending machines in the airport's North Terminal, with the promise of more to come in all major airports, mainline stations and underground stations across the UK. The companies are also planning to install their vending machines in other busy public places as the year progresses.

The machines will stock a comprehensive range of Kingston flash memory products, from cards to USB drives, and will have a memory selector integrated to ensure customers choose the right type of memory for their device.

Ann Keefe, director of Sales UK & Ireland at Kingston Technology commented: "Customers want instant access to SD cards and USB drives as they need them 24/7, so vending machines in public spaces was the most obvious solution."