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Palm leaks next web OS handset

The new Palm Castle is based on the same system as the Pre
The new Palm Castle is based on the same system as the Pre

Palm has leaked another handset based on its webOS eco-system, this time with an even thinner 10.6mm frame and 4GB of onboard storage.

While blurry press shots and unconfirmed spec lists are usually a little bit yawn-worthy (as they tend to be untrue in some form or another) the renaissance Palm has undergone is progressing at breakneck speed (assuming the Pre appears sometime soon) and means we're all clamouring for more information.

Well, here it is thanks to Engadget's terribly underground sources: a 2MP camera with video capture, a GPS, the aforementioned 4GB of onboard storage and multiple format video playback. It's also being dubbed the Palm Eos, with a lovely codename of the Palm Castle.

Slimmer and wetter

Other than that, it appears to be:

  • A watered down but much slimmer version of the Palm Pre, which seems to be able to do pretty much anything, and
  • The next in a long line of Centro-style devices from Palm, which we hope won't count against it.

While the specs might seem a little lightweight, Palm is clearly hoping that the awesomeness of webOS, which is able to sync with all and sundry as well as being thoroughly open to developers, is enough of a draw to make up for less hardware goodies, in a similar way to the Android range.

And the other good news is that it's set to cost less than £300 before subsidies and tax, which means should it ever materialise over here then it should be free as a bird on most contracts.

Via Engadget