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OKCupid apps add location-based dating

You never know when the girl of your dreams is going to walk into the bar... well, you do now

Popular online dating site OKCupid has made its mobile applications location aware, allowing users to contact potential dates in their present locale.

The update for Android and iPhone users means that if you see a fellow member of the site is close by, you can view their profile, start to chat or even exchange photos.

The app also lets members put the word out to fellow singles if they are free and up for a date.

These advertisements can be customised to be seen only by only those with common interests or requirements, who also happen to stroll into the same Starbucks.


Also, after scanning other members in your area the app will gauge your compatibility with those also in the neighbourhood and recommend potential dates.

The new location-based functionality takes its lead from the massively successful Grindr smartphone app for gay men, which works on a similar premise.

The creators of Grindr are also currently working on a version of the app for women, to allow them to contact nearby men who have created a profile in the hope that someone beautiful ladies will take a look.

Link: TechCrunch