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Half a million .mobi sites on the go

The mobile internet is booming with over half a million .mobi domains registered

A boom in internet sites optimised for mobile phones is underway with over half a million .mobi domain names now registered. The .mobi domain was developed specifically for mobile phones, with sites and services using them tailored for use with mobile devices.

Launched in October 2006, the .mobi domain is designed to drive the growth of mobile internet content. Users can immediately identify mobile-optimised sites by the .mobi name while dotMobi, the company behind the domain, runs a certification programme to ensure sites work with mobile devices.

Numerous .mobi sites have already appeared, covering news, entertainment, information, travel and many other areas covered by regular internet sites. Registrations have come from some 104 countries so far.

"The mobile industry's consumer focus around creating .mobi sites is bearing strong results in a short period of time. Consumers finally have easy-to-use and affordable made-for-mobile content," commented Neil Edwards, CEO of dotMobi.