Skype To Go brings cheap mobile calls

Skype To Go offers cheap international mobile calls

Mobile phone users can make Skype international calls at local rates on any phone using a new Skype To Go service announced today.

Skype To Go has been introduced as part of the Skype Pro VoIP service, which costs 2.30 Euro (£1.50) a month. Once users have signed up to Skype Pro they can get a unique Skype To Go number; this enables them to make international calls at local rates from their mobiles to one nominated number.

Users simply call a Skype-generated local number that links them to their nominated international number. Users can choose to change their nominated number up to once a week.

That means users can call family or friends across the world for the price of a local mobile call, or as part of their inclusive airtime minutes. Additional Skype Out charges do, however, apply.

Skype already offers a downloadable application for using Skype's full VoIP service on selected smartphones. In addition, a number of VoIP for mobile services, such as Jajah and Fring , are battling to secure pole position in the growing mobile VoIP market.