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10 phones to challenge the iPhone 3GS

palm pre

Palm Pre

The Palm Pre could be the biggest iPhone competitor yet

The Palm Pre has the makings of a truly powerful business communicator. In fact, peek under the hood, and you'll see there's a Texas Instruments OMAP 3430 processor, 8GB of internal memory, 802.11g Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with A2DP stereo.

This a capable mobile computer that supports multi-tasking, contact sync across multiple web services, and push email that could lead to swift adoption at companies both large and small, filling the void left by the popular Palm Treo from years ago.

Our expert says: "Palm does not deliver on every single promise with the Pre, but the device will certainly find a sizable niche and appeal to anyone in the US who already uses the Sprint wireless carrier or is considering a carrier switch (UK operator and availability not yet announced).

"It's really a taste of what a grown-up Web OS on your PC will look like, where standards such as OpenSocial, OAuth, and HTML5 start behaving like Windows, where apps communicate with each other and you log in just once to the web and then use all of your apps and access data as you do in Windows."

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