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10 phones to challenge the iPhone 3GS

Nokia n976

Nokia N97

Nokia's new flagship model might be its best ever

Hot on the heels of the N96 comes Nokia's even newer flagship model, the N97.

Like the Sony Ericsson Satio, the N97's screen will be a 3.5in, 640x360, 16:9 affair, and the phone will also feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, 32GB of onboard memory with microSD expansion and a battery life of 36 hours for audio playback.

Nokia has also put a far-better-than-the-iPhone 5MP camera into the mixer, with Carl Zeiss lens and 'DVD quality' video capture.

Our expert says: "The Nokia N97 has divided opinion since it was announced at the tail end of 2008. Its massive memory and compact yet sturdy form factor will please the Noki-ites, but the Symbian OS is something that still feels a little underpowered for the job.

"The processor seems to be a little under-powered as well, so memory heavy applications can feel mighty sluggish compared the speed of the Pre. But for those that like a landscape QWERTY keyboard compared to Palm's squish-a-thon, this is probably the best out there."

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