New iOS 13 leak suggests redesigned apps and a native 'swipe' keyboard

iOS 13 news

iOS 13 is shaping up to be more feature-rich than Apple's current iOS 12 software, according to leaks about the next iPhone and iPad operating system update.

The biggest change could be coming to the native keyboard, reports Bloomberg citing anonymous sources. Apple is testing swipe functionality so you can type out words without lifting a finger, which sounds similar to SwiftKey and other third-party keyboard extensions.

There are new details about redesigned pre-loaded apps (outlined below in detail), including iMessage, Health, Reminders, and Find My iPhone. Today's report also reaffirms prior rumors we've covered, like a system-wide Dark Mode and a feature that enables using an iPad as a second display for Macs.

The Apple WWDC 2019 keynote is Monday, June 3, which is where we expect to see iOS 13 as well as watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15 for the first time and beta software soon after.

iOS 13

New iOS 13 changes rumored

We keep hearing that iOS 13 will launch the long-awaited Dark Mode, one that's very similar to what we saw in macOS 10.14 Mojave last year and a part of the Control Center UI.

Dark Mode is said to be combined with a system-wide Sleep Mode, a more extensive version of Apple's Bedtime menu tucked away in the default Clock app (and few use). The idea is that this could integrate with the Apple Watch down the road.

Look for iOS 13 to debut a revamped Apple Health app, one that outlines your daily activity better, tracks menstrual cycles, and monitors your 'hearing health' taking into account headphone and external environment loudness.

iMessage has been tipped to allow you add custom profile pictures and nicknames, very similar to what you can do in WhatsApp, and you can set who can see them. Also, Animoji and Memoji may come in a sticker form as part of iOS 13.

An app internally referred to as "GreenTorch" will supposedly combine Find my Friends and Find my iPhone. Details are light here, but we've seen rumors about a separate device that you could track your belongings on 9to5Mac.

The default Mail app is supposed to get more powerful, with the ability to mute individual threads, block incoming email from specific contacts, and revamp the folder management UI to be more straightforward, reports Bloomberg. 

Reminders may offer a triage-like main screen that breaks down tasks in color-coded sections: to be done today, all tasks, scheduled tasks, and flagged tasks. And Apple Home is expanding its smart home reach with security cameras integration.

Parents will take heart if Apple's Screen Time app expands parental controls to limit who kids can and cannot contact at certain times, while Apple Books is said to be including a progress tracker and reward system as you (or your kids) finish books.

Finally, the Share page is also getting updated, and on top of being more organized, will intelligently suggest different people to send that latest TechRadar article to.

There are almost too many potential iOS 13 changes to keep track of. We'll know for sure which ones live and which ones get delayed to iOS 14 in 2020 in less than a month, when Apple shows off iOS 13 for the first time at WWDC 2019.