Lenovo trumps iPhone with Android device

The Lenovo OPhone
The Lenovo OPhone

Lenovo, a company far more renowned for putting together decent computers than phones, has revealed an iPhone-busting handset, at least in the design stakes.

OK, it might be taking a few cues from the iPhone, but the fact that it also runs Google's Android OS is something that should definitely work in its favour as well.

We only have the single shot to go on, but first impressions hint at a handset that's dinkier than the iPhone but with a similar screen size.


We would prefer it if the comparisons between the iPhone and this handset ended there, but the fact it's called the OPhone and is merely a prototype of a China-based Android device doesn't help matters.

Still, the gadget world is crying out for a beautiful handset that properly shows off Android (the G1 might be powerful, but looks like the Desperate Dan of the mobile world) and this could be that handset.

Best get that petition over to Lenovo to bring it to European shores quickly... or get the number of a good importer and a handbook for Mandarin.