Google staff given G1 Android, not bonus

G1 Android
G1 Android

Google's staff have been given Android phones rather than a Christmas bonus, it has been revealed.

People working for the world's largest internet brand have been told that they will be receiving a 'Dream' phone – which is a version of the UK's T-Mobile G1 Android.

"The holiday bonus is a Google tradition - it's a great way to thank everyone for their hard work, said an internal email published by The Times.

Broken Dreams?

"In the past, we've done this in cash. This year, we've decided to give Googlers a different kind of present - a Dream phone."

Of course, after seeing the G1 in action (nice OS, shame about the hardware) Googlers may be wondering if they can get a little of that bonus back from eBay.

Apparently the more normal cash sum offered in past Google Christmases is around $1,000. We'd have preferred the money as well...