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It's not an illusion: More fuel thrown on 8-inch Nokia tablet fire

Lumia 2520
Look for small Nokia tablets in 2014

A little more credence has been thrown the Illusionist's way.

According to sources speaking with The Verge, Nokia is indeed planning a smaller Windows RT 8.1 slate for early next year. It is said to have a Qualcomm processor, and its launch looks timed to match the Lumia 1320's release in certain markets.

The Illusionist (a codename the sources confirmed) reportedly takes cues from the Lumia 2520 tablet in look and feel. As for its name, the 8-inch machine should see a lower number than the 10.1-inch 2520.

Loosely Lumia

However, despite firming details, the Illusionist's broad market fate is a little hazy.

Microsoft is thought to be readying its own 7.5-inch Surface Mini for early next year, and the company is still some time away from finalizing its acquisition of Nokia's device division. The deal is supposed to close in 2014, but until then the companies can't cooperate closely and have to fulfill their already-lain product road maps.

In other words, we may have a choice of smaller RT tablets at around the same time next year, or one could find itself collecting dust while its fellow soaks in the spotlight.