Apple to cement new Brick notebook soon?

Breath of fresh Air? New Apple notebooks coming soon....
Breath of fresh Air? New Apple notebooks coming soon....

Clear your Christmas list - Apple has confirmed that it will be launching new notebooks next Tuesday, possibly including the rumoured 'Brick' laptop.

The 'Brick' concept - where engineers construct a top-end notebook computer from a single block of aluminium - should address concerns that many users have had over the amount of flex in Apple's svelte Air notebook, launched earlier this year.

Another hot rumour doing the rounds is of a MacBook priced at just $800 (£465 - although more likely around £550 by the time it hits the shelves in the UK).

Netting a bargain?

The idea of an Apple for under £500 would have been exciting a year ago, but given the quantity (and occasionally even quality) of Intel Atom-powered netbooks out there, even that low price risks looking a little uncompetitive.

Other suggestions floating around are of 13-inch MacBooks getting an aluminium skin, Blu-ray drives finding their way into Apple's notebooks for the first time (yawn!) and possibly WiMax-capable wireless connectivity (not so yawny but about as useful for most users as a HD-DVD drive).

All will be revealed next Tuesday, October 14, at a Cupertino press conference - stay tuned to Tech Radar for live coverage...