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UK Govt publishes 20-page guide to Twitter

Government publishes 20-page guide to Twitter for MPs
Government publishes 20-page guide to Twitter for MPs

The UK Government has published a 20-page guide to Twitter on the Cabinet Office website, urging MPs and civil servants to embrace the micro-blogging service.

The Government's Twitter guide calls on MPs to tweet on "issues of relevance or upcoming events".

Neil Williams, of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), noted on the Cabinet Office's digital engagement blog that he was: "surprised by just how much there is to say - and quite how worth saying it is".

Tweet advice

Williams' strategy document estimates that publishing tweets, replying to incoming messages and monitoring an account would take no more than an hour a day.

The guide recommends that BIS should publish between two and ten original tweets per day, limited to relevant issues and events.

"At the moment, around 65 per cent of homes are on the internet and there are 15 million visits a month to Directgov and these numbers are growing," a Cabinet Office spokeswoman told the BBC.

"With more and more citizens using the internet it's important that, as part of its communications approach, the Government develops its capability to use digital channels effectively and that includes social media tools such as Twitter."

Via BBC News