Teenager spared jail over Anonymous PayPal hack

Teenager spared jail over Anonymous PayPal hack
Burchall and his pals cost PayPal £3.5m

The last person to be sentenced in connection with the hacking spree that affected PayPal, Mastercard and Visa has avoided a prison term.

Jake Burchall, 18, had admitted charges of conspiring to impair the operation of computers, but was only 16 at the time of his arrest.

Burchall, believed to be part of the hacktivist group Anonymous, had teamed up with three other individuals, who each received prison terms for their roles.

Christopher Weatherhead, 22, was the only member of the group who contested the charges and was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his troubles.

Profoundly isolated

Instead of a term behind bars Burchall, described in court as a "profoundly isolated" teenager, received an 18-month Youth Rehabilitation Order and will carry out 60-hours of unpaid work.

The hacking spree was known as Operation Payback and came as a direct retaliation for PayPal refusing to process donations to Wikileaks.

PayPal has since said that the attack cost it £3.5m, following a clean-up involving over 100 of its staff and the implementation of new security measures.

Via: The Guardian