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Rumours grow over Google announcements today

Google - announcements soon
Google - announcements soon

With a mystery Google press conference called for this evening (or today if you're in the US), rumours are rife as to exactly what the company is due to announce.

With a couple of announcements expected, the company's press conference is being beamed back live to journalists in the UK at around 6pm GMT.

Suggestions range from the first official Google Phone to a tie-up with Twitter – the micro-blogging network that has taken the web by storm.


The latter has grown in strength with the suggestion that Eric Schmidt – the CEO of Google – has signed up for a Twitter account @eschmidt0, although that has yet to be confirmed.

The Twitter account has, in the meantime, linked to a Schmidt article and to an interview with the Google man, but has not yet been 'verified' – the process that allows celebrities and big names to guarantee that the Tweeter is them (or their official 'spokespeople' of course).

TechRadar will be covering the conference as it happens from 6pm UK time, so stay logged on for all the information as soon as it arrives.