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Google Instant Preview hits mobiles

Instant Preview now available for mobile searches

Google's brilliant Instant Preview search functionality has made the transition on to mobile browsers.

The search engine has added a small magnifying glass next to each item on a results page and hitting that icon will load a full page thumbnail of the site in question.

The preview loads really quickly and, on top of that, also gives users the option to view previews of the other results on that page by scanning left and right using on-screen arrows.

This means you can see screenshots of all ten results on the page without fully loading any of them. Once you've found the page you want, you can hit the text description and summon the page in full.


This is the second improvement Google has made to its mobile search experience in the last few months.

Back in November, the company added the 'Instant' functionality, which refines results as you type within the text box.

Google Instant Previews works across all mobile devices and not just Android. Give it a try, it's pretty nifty.