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Microsoft increases SharePoint OneDrive for Business storage

Microsoft hopes to make its service "the one" for business

Microsoft has responded to Google's price change in cloud storage by upping its own offering for business users.

The default allowance for SharePoint OneDrive for Business users has been expanded from the previous max of 100GB to 1TB.

The way Microsoft has set it up is that additional storage can be assigned by an admin to a specific user, but once it goes over the default 25GB limit, any extra comes out of the shared storage of the business account.

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The so-called "pooled tenant" of storage is based on the number of A2 licensed users in the account, but additional storage can be bought for a monthly charge.

Microsoft also upped the site collection limit on SharePoint from 100GB to 1TB, while the SharePoint Online limit of 25TB for a shared pool has been removed completely.

The move follows Google's decision to lower prices across the board on all its cloud offerings, from 100GB to several TB.

Via PC World