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Cyber Monday deals 2019: when they begin, and what to expect

Cyber Monday deals
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The Cyber Monday 2019 date is December 2, meaning massive online deals are only a month-and-a-half away from today now that we're midway through October.

We already know what the best Cyber Monday deals will be this year, as sales tend to follow a trend. and the likes of Apple, Google, Nintendo and Amazon just launched new electronics bound to be on sale ahead of Christmas 2019.

The biggest price drops on tech typically happen at US retailers you know: Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon. However, 2019 is poised to be the year we unearth discounts from smaller chains looking to get in on the Cyber Monday spirit.

The iPhone 11, Nintendo Switch Lite and Amazon Echo Studio could see discounts on their original MSRP, but we expect deeper rollback prices on last-generation versions of these gadgets: the original Nintendo Switch and iPhone 8 or iPhone XR.

Cyber Monday 2019 is going to reflect what we saw last year, but either offer lower prices or introduce discounts to newer versions of what we got 12 months ago. 

For example, the aged PS4 Pro will be much cheaper on December 2 (it was hardly on sale last year), according to our analysis, while the brand new iPad 10.2 and revised Nintendo Switch Lite could get their first small price drops, echoing last year's prices on prior versions. See how it works?

Big Cyber Monday PS4 deals and Xbox One offers are certain, as those consoles are at the end of their lifecycle, and the iPhone XR is no longer the latest cheap iPhone, but stores have inventory to dump. You're going to pay a lot less in 2019.

We predict that AirPods on Cyber Monday will be heavily discounted, as they are several months old, yet popular enough to draw people to storefronts. In fact, we expect Apple Cyber Monday deals to go out of stock the quickest.

It's not just a gadgets shopping spree. Cyber Monday toys have become the trending thing to get every 12 months around this time simply because they're on offer at the best prices we see all year long. Look out for Fingerlings and L.O.L. Surprise, which were last year, according to Adobe Analytics, and for those of you adulting, you can find strong discounts on appliances like Instant Pots.

Here's more on when Cyber Monday begins and what we expect to be on sale.

When do Cyber Monday deals start in 2019?

Cyber Monday is December 2, and while the date (and sometimes even the month) shifts from year-to-year, it's always the Monday immediately after Thanksgiving.

PSA: The Cyber Monday date in 2019 dips into December. This means everyone has less time to shop before Christmas. Just what you wanted to hear, right? You'll have just 23 days to make it all happen if you celebrate Christmas.

Sure, you don't need to worry about Cyber Monday 2019 today or even tomorrow, but it'll be a big deal when you still have an entire list of gifts to buy on December 2 and have to calculate shipping times.

Cyber Monday, when combined with Black Friday, offers American retailers a one-two punch to boost their revenue right before the close of 2019. That's why we're going to see the most tempting offers come December 2.


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The best Cyber Monday deal predictions

Cyber Monday has become more popular than any other online shopping day in the US, so we anticipate seeing an increase in deals at the tail end of 2019.

Revenue estimates a year ago reached $7.9 billion in the US. It topped every other shopping day ever online, according to Adobe Analytics. With that in mind, it's best to be prepared for the range of online Cyber Monday deals coming your way.

You don't need to be Nostradamus to make Cyber Monday deal predictions. While there are always new surprises, the script stays fairly stagnant year-over-year.

In the mood for an action camera? GoPro is usually $50 cheaper, at least. Need a tablet? The iPad was $250 (and even briefly $229) during Cyber Monday last year. With the newly launched New iPad 10.2 at $329, we don't expect that big of a drop, but still $299 isn't so far-fetched.

Need a phone? There were rare incentives to getting an iPhone XR, and an even better value if you didn't want Apple's iPhone, with Motorola leading the pack.

Amazon is always a good place to find Cyber Monday deals, even though it's more focused on its own Prime Day sales these days.

If you're in the US, Walmart and Best Buy go all out over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while UK buyers should keep an eye on retailers like CurrysArgos, and John Lewis

Here are our deal predictions for Cyber Monday 2019.

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Cyber Monday iPad predictions

The iPad 10.2 just launched, meaning the small upgrade won't be on sale in a really big way like we saw when the iPad 9.7 was discounted on Cyber Monday. It was out for eight months and got down to $249 and then $229 – $100 off in the US.

Two things to remember if you want a new iPad for yourself or to gift someone: You can opt for a iPad 10.2 that may see a small discount – we'd estimate $299, the price for students and teachers – or you can find last year's iPad 9.7.

Apple doesn't sell the iPad 9.7, but retailers often have iPads in stock. If so, you may be able to beat last year's all-time low price of $229. This has happened with the iPad Air and iPad Air 2, which online stores regularly sell. 

One more Cyber Monday iPad buying tip: Higher-capacity models (meaning more storage) usually bring bigger discounts. Clearly Apple inflates the price of the 128GB model when the base model is 32GB.

Apple Airpods

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Cyber Monday AirPods deal predictions

There are now three different AirPods on sale through many US retailers, and we expect to see discounts on all of them for Cyber Monday 2019.

Even though Apple doesn't sell the original AirPods anymore, some stores still have them for sale. They haven't run out of inventory yet, and we expect them to be the cheapest option come Cyber Monday.

We're also seeing discounts on the AirPods with a wirelessly charging case (the top-tier model) and the newer buds with the older wired charging case. Cyber Monday saw AirPods become a top seller last year, even with measly $5 price cuts. In 2019, it's going to be a proper price drop, according to the evidence we see today.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Galaxy S10 and S9 for Cyber Monday

Samsung has too many phones on sale, and that's only good Cyber Monday news for you. Why? Two reasons: First, you have more options and, second, Samsung's phone competition is going to eat itself – and prices are going to drop.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus may get cheaper, and to a lesser extent, the brand new Note 10 price may budge a little – not much. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is actually the newest Samsung phone, so you can see why the S10 may be extra cheap come Cyber Monday.

The real big discount is going to be for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus that will have been on sale for over a year-and-a-half when the Cyber Monday 2019 date rolls around on December 2. The Note 9, another great phone, will be over a year old. These will see the cheapest prices as American retailers unload inventory.


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PS4 deals on Cyber Monday

The PS4 deals sell out every Cyber Monday, so you'd think everyone has the system already. Not so – we expect the console to keep being discounted and be among the biggest sellers this year, too. 

Sometimes deals come in the form of price cuts, and sometimes you get the normal price with up to three pack-in games or an extra controller. These days, those games are downloadable and not physical copies, but the point is you save a lot of money. Rarely, you'll get discounts, free pack-in games and a controller.

Cyber Monday 4K TV deals


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If you don't have 4K TV in your life yet or need a newer or bigger version of the television, Cyber Monday continues to be the time of year to buy one. Deals on TVs are plentiful from manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony.

Buying a 4K TV on Cyber Monday can be one of the hardest things to do – there are just so many TV models out there with nonsensical model numbers. However, if you don't need the highest end version, we suggest something like a TCL TV.

More Cyber Monday deal predictions

It's October and our Cyber Monday deal predictions are hardly over. We'll be adding more about what will be on sale in the coming weeks and track price drops in real-time once November rolls around. While Black Friday has the namesake, Cyber Monday has proven to be a more important online shopping day in the last two years. That's a win for consumer and late shopping looking for discounts in early December.

Why is it called Cyber Monday?

The term was coined by Ellen Davis and Scott Silverman of the US’ National Retail Federation and, and it was a deliberate move to promote online shopping back in 2005 when the Internet was made of wood and powered by steam. 

It was intended to help smaller retailers compete with the big names who were harping on about Black Friday, although of course those big names promptly jumped on the Cyber Monday bandwagon, too.