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Roborock S5 review

A clean sweep

Our Verdict

The Roborock S5 is a great robotic vacuum cleaner that goes toe-to-toe with big names in the market. While the mopping function feels more like an afterthought, the rest of its skills are polished and leaves your floor dust-free. There’s room for minor tweaks in the future, but as it stands the Roborock S5 is great to have in any home.


  • Efficient cleaning
  • Excellent mapping skills
  • Attractive price


  • Poor mopping
  • Limited smart home integration
  • Companion app needs fixing

Robot vacuums perform two important tasks. First, they are adept at scurrying around the floor and cleaning up after you, and second they make amusing videos involving your pets trying to figure out what this metallic creature is that’s invading their personal space. Whichever way you look at it, robot vacuums are a great addition to any household, which is why the Roborock S5 should be your next choice if you’re looking for a handy little helper around your home.

It may not be a brand that you’ll instantly recognize, but despite this the Roborock S5 has some fantastic features that puts it on par with brand-level devices with a much higher asking price.

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Pricing and availability

The Roborock S5 is available exclusively on Amazon for $546.99, though you can find it on for around AED 1,594.

By comparison, the iRobot Roomba 980 with similar features sits in at $899, or AED 3,999 in most retail stores. That’s a lot to ask for a robot vacuum, which is why the Roborock S5 instantly stands out a much more budget-friendly choice.


Most robot vacuums follow a similar circular design, and the Roborock S5 is no different. Our review model was a pure white version, but there’s also a classier Rose Gold edition which bumps up the price slightly.

The Roborock S5 features just three buttons at the top – the first one is to turn it on and start cleaning, the second to spot clean a small area, and finally the third button to send it back to the charging dock. The power button flashes during operation and charging, but other than that there’s no status screen or other LED indicators. What’s nice is that a voice prompt lets you know when the Roborock S5 has started and finished cleaning, as well as if there’s an error with the device.

Near the center of the Roborock S5 is a little tower, which contains a laser system that rotates five times per second to scan the environment and plan an efficient path for the robot to follow. It also lets you ‘see’ (via the app) exactly where the robot has cleaned and where it’s heading next, while simultaneously avoiding obstacles and furniture. There’s no more harsh banging into objects – the laser system and combined sensors (a collision sensor and 4 cliff sensors) allows the Roborock S5 to only softly touch edges before it turns around and goes on its way.

The dustbin is hidden away under a large cover which you can gently flip up when it’s time for a cleanup. This 480ml bin is easy to remove and tip into a bin for cleaning, and the included filters can likewise be replaced when required or just dusted off. There’s also a very handy brush that’s included to help you clean the bottom rollers and dislodge trapped fibers or tangled hair.

Flipping the Roborock S5 you’re introduced to the single bristle roller that sweeps the floor as the device makes it way around. There’s also the expected side brush that helps to guide debris into the path of the vacuum. This side brush spins much faster when the Roborock S5 is guiding itself along walls, and resumes a normal spinning speed otherwise so as to not fling debris anywhere.

The Roborock S5 also features a mopping mode, which utilizes the bundled mopping attachment. Simply slide on the washable microfiber cloth, fill up the 140ml tank with water, and then snap the whole thing to the underside of the vacuum. There’s even a waterproof pad that attaches to the charging station, so that the Roborock S5 doesn’t stain your floor while it’s charging.