Our review sample had us reaching for the charger once a day, albeit with plenty of function-fiddling on our part on top our normal usage.

T-Mobile estimates that the Pulse's 1500mAh battery pack can keep beating away for up to 300 hours of standby time or provide up to 210 minutes talktime. Again, our review Pulse was an early sample, but battery life could be a little disappointing if you really want to go to town on the more power-hungry features.


While you can download more apps from Android Market to customise the Pulse, a healthy set of organiser tools and applications come ready for action. The Google integration works very well, and the calendar application syncs seamlessly with your online Google Calendar. It's easy to manage and intuitive to use, with consistent control conventions to the rest of the Android package.

The usual type of mobile options are included, such as a calculator (with advanced panel options to go with the regular basics), a straightforward notepad function, an easy to operate voice recorder, and there's a useful Servo Search search tool for looking up something on the phone itself or searching online.

T-Mobile has packaged this device with a few additional third-party apps too.

DataViz Inc's Documents To Go software is included, enabling you to view Microsoft Word, Excel PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files received as attachments, downloaded or transferred over to the handset.

Should you wish, you can also pay to upgrade to a full version of the application that enables document editing, creating new files and more advanced viewing options.

In addition, RoadSync software from DataViz is included offering full synchronisation with Microsoft Exchange Server-based corporate push email, contacts and calendars.


The T-Mobile Pulse's HSPA mobile capability keeps the online connectivity speedy enough to ensure a smooth browsing, email and web-based application experience.

It offers HSDPA download rates at up to 7.2Mbps and HSUPA uploads up to 2Mbps – though, of course, real-life rates are lower than these optimum capabilities. It runs zippily in areas with T-Mobile 3G coverage without any hanging.

As well as mobile high-speed data, Wi-Fi connectivity is built in, offering a low cost convenient way of getting online via home or office WLANs or public hotspots. It's straightforward to set up and switch on via the settings menu – wireless controls are top of the settings menu list. It works effectively, and we had no issues with it as it operated in the background while connected online.

Bluetooth is supported too, and is simple to switch on and off with a quick few taps in the menu system. Stereo Bluetooth headphones or speakers can also be used with the device. As normal, you can switch the phone into airplane mode too if you want to enjoy content or applications offline.

USB connectivity is also on offer, via a microUSB port next to the headphone socket. You can use it in mass storage mode too to transfer content between the device and PC or Mac.


A-GPS technology is integrated into the Pulse, providing exact location-finding capabilities that you can use with a variety of applications. Google Maps is pre-installed. It works exceptionally smoothly, with the device's A-GPS gadgetry getting a fix on to your position, and the phone loading up maps in seconds.

google maps

The touch user interface is great to use too, responding quickly to finger dragging and zooming using magnifying glass icons on screen. The UI is quick and attractively presented.

A long press of the display pulls up Street View thumbnails of a location, with another press bringing up further options that include a neat full screen Street View mode where you can spin around a location with a finger flick.

google maps

You also get the regular selection of Google Maps search options for businesses, services, amenities and so on, plus directions for in-car journeys, walking or public transport. It's certainly a handy app to have onboard any phone, and it works very neatly on this touchscreen device.

A built in compass provides directional orientation too, which as well as being handy for sat nav direction-finding apps may also come in useful if you want to explore augmented reality applications, such as the Layar Reality Browser, which is downloadable free from Android Market.