To describe the video recording offering on the Sony Ericsson Spiro as 'slight' would actually be quite charitable. However, it does record video, and if you squint hard enough you can see it below.

That's a 3GP format video recorded at 176 x 144 resolution and 15.8 frames per second (according to our analysis, anyway). It is roughly as good as you would expect video at that quality to be.

For those interested, we clocked the bitrate at around 0.2Mbps, so there was never going to a vast amount of detail on show. The lens struggles with the exposure to a degree, with the top of the shot appearing pretty blown-out.

The constant rippling of the water is choppy, as is even the slower movement of the swan. It's hard to even tell what the ducks at the start of the video are (but we can assure that, yes, they are ducks indeed).

It's not surprising for a handset of this budget, but the video is very poor. However, it is functional, and will capture large, simple things with just about enough clarity to not be mildly useful.