Though the Sony Ericsson Spiro's messaging functions aren't much fancier than its contacts options there is one bell (still no whistles).

The Spiro has inherited the new 'Conversations' option for reading your messages – essentially threaded SMS viewing. There's only a very slight difference in shading between your messages and those you've received, but it's still a nice option to have.

Sony ericsson spiro

If you decide it's not for you, you can just press left to tab back to the regular inbox. As we say, it's not fancy, but it'll more than suffice for the average texter.

Selecting to write a text opens a big white screen to write in, with options to attach multimedia down the bottom of the screen. The keyboard works perfectly well, as we mentioned in the 'Design' section.

Sony ericsson spiro

What surprised us was the lack of email options on the Spiro. Granted, there's no divine right to have it on every handset, but it's become ubiquitous to the point that it's unusual not to have an option.

However, you can send multimedia to people via email. Actually, it seems to go via MMS, and is then relayed to the email address by your network. In any case, you can email people pictures and video, but seemingly not text, and you certainly can't read your emails.

Sony ericsson spiro

Incidentally, we did try to access Gmail through the web browser, but we got nowhere (as explained in the next section).