Sony ericsson c903

Its slider design with slip down camera cover may add a stylish touch, but the Sony Ericsson C903 doesn't introduce anything particularly new to the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot range. It does, though, enhance its specialist camera mobile portfolio with its impressive shooting capabilities in a pocketable slider package.

We liked

The results from the 5-megapixel camera do bear scrutiny against illustrious similar-grade camera rivals such as the N96 and LG Viewty. Shots looked detailed and accurately colourful, with a good autofcus system with macro mode and a decent set of shooting options.

A-GPS with some software options other than Google Maps – including Wayfinder and Tarcker - was welcome, and the system worked well enough for a phone.

The phone menu system and handling was generally good – easy to use and a reliable performer. The election of options was quite decent for a mid-priced phone with a quality camera.

We disliked

Some more upmarket features have been left out – most noticeably the Wi-Fi, seen on the C905, which may be a drawback for those who see themselves uploading and downloading content from the handset

The lack of a xenon flash for low-light shooting is a shame on such a cameraphone, as the dual-LED offers only limited illumination over a relatively short range.

We'd also have liked a better quality headset, or at least a headphone adapter in-box.
We did find some of the occasional handling quirks, particularly the accidental activation of features or calls in pocket, irritating too.


Some handling issues aside, however, the C903 is a comfortable cameraphone for everyday use. It's not the most sophisticated 5-megapixel shooter you can find, but it takes a good image and does a decent job on its spread of features.

The C903 isn't a range changer, let alone a game changer – but it neatly slots into a gap in the Cyber-shot line-up.

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