Using HSPA, with download rates of up to 3.6Mbps, the high-speed mobile internet connection is brisk, connecting quickly to mobile optimised sites like the BBC and The Guardian.


More flash heavy sites dragged on loading times or didn't render fully on the typical Sony Ericsson browser. It's the same type of NetFront browser used on other mid-tier models, with a user-friendly front end showing Google Search and address bars, plus options for history, entertainment and web feeds among its start screen options.


Navigating it though still requires softkey selections and sub menu options. As well as the regular full-screen browser view, you can opt to view pages in a Smart-Fit, mobile optimised scrollable list way.

Other applications

Among the pre-loaded gadgetry you can play with, the C903 includes a standard YouTube client. This enables you to browse and view streamed content, and you can easily upload clips shot on the phone to your account. It's very straightforward to handle, has a clear interface and is quick to run on the phone – though users should be aware of potential mobile network data costs they could incur.


As well as A-GPS fitness app Tracker, the C903 includes a motion-sensing Walk Mate app that aims to act as a pedometer to count your steps. A nice idea for health-watchers, but we found it to be less than accurate in our wanderings.

A few other gimmicky and fun apps are slipped into the C903, including PullFace 2 photo-warping software, and the usual complement of Sony Ericsson VideoDJ, PhotoDJ and MusicDJ tools, Bluetooth remote control, sound recorder and games.

Among the full complement of organiser tools, there's a selection of alarms, calendar, tasks, notes, timer, stopwatch, calculator and a code memo for storing PINs and passwords.

The C903 can also be synced locally to a PC using Sony Ericsson software, or remotely with Exchange ActiveSync and SyncML supported on this handset.