Sony Ericsson C510 review

This mid-range performer mixes it up with impressive results

We liked

The Sony Ericsson C510 puts in an exemplary calling performance, with first class sound and voice quality and reliable connectivity. Battery life isn't bad either; Sony Ericsson estimates up to 350 hours standby or up to 4 hours talk time with 3G network coverage (400 hours standby or 10 hours talk on GSM). With typical use, we managed to get around 3 days of battery life from it.

We disliked

Spreading the Cyber-shot message to the affordable end of its range, Sony Ericsson's C510 puts in a steady cameraphone shift rather than wowing with high-end megapixel might. The camera is decent enough for this sort of price level, and there are some interesting extra shooting features to play with.


Overall though, this is an attractive and ably equipped mid-tier handset that may not have all the latest must-have gadgetry but which delivers a solid hit of functionality for the cash.

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