Sony Ericsson C510 review

This mid-range performer mixes it up with impressive results


Video uploading is supported too though the quality of shot footage isn't particularly impressive. The phone shoots in QVGA resolution at 30 fps, giving smooth playback on the phone screen. Expanded on a PC display, the low res footage is run of the mill phone fare.


The music player software is standard mid-tier Sony Ericssons, and does a very acceptable job. The user interface is attractive and straightforward. There's around 100MB of in-phone storage, though you can add Memory Stick Micro memory cards via a side slot (no card is included in-box).

The music player turns in a decent enough performance – although the average earphones boxed with the phone aren't the best Sony Ericsson can do. Consequently, sound quality is averagely OK.

Again, Sony Ericsson hasn't included a standard 3.5mm headphone socket on the phone, just a regular multi-purpose Sony Ericsson side connector, so you can't easily plug in your own headphones. You could try stereo Bluetooth wireless earphones, or get a 3.5mm adapter if sound quality is important to you.


The FM radio onboard is easy to set up and use and sounds pretty good through the earphones or phone speaker, which isn't too abrasive on this handset. The usual Sony Ericsson TrackID software is part of the normal audio line-up.

Google maps

Sony Ericsson includes a lot of its standard-issue mid-tier software, including Google Maps and a YouTube app. Google Maps allows you to get your approximate position (determined by cellsite triangulation) shown on maps that are updated over the air. You can search for addresses, businesses and services and look up routes.

It's not the full Sat Nav package by any means, but it can be very handy for getting by in places you don't know without having GPS onboard.


The pre-loaded YouTube app enables you to easily upload videos you've shot, or watch videos from the online service. You can browse and search for content too.

Employing HSDPA high-speed data connectivity, the C510's web browser can download and render web pages relatively quickly, either in format optimised for the handset or in a full page view. It's limited as typical mid-range phone browsers are, but does an adequate job. There's RSS web feed support on this handset, too.

Other apps include an online weather information service, plus the normal sort of organiser options - calendar, world clock, tasks and notes functions, plus stopwatch and timer, calculator, code memo app, and sound recorder options. Game include the motion guided Nitro Street Racing 3D driving game.