While it carries the 4G moniker, the Captivate Glide leverages only HSPA+ 4G, as opposed to 4G LTE like the Galaxy S II Skyrocket and Motorola Droid RAZR.

The Glide is capable of up to 21Mbps download speeds on HSPA+, but AT&T has trouble delivering – at least in the San Francisco area.

Even with a strong connection, speeds topped out at about 6Mbps and averaged closer to 3Mbps down and .94Mbps up.

Samsung captivate glide

For "4G," those numbers are pretty disappointing. WiFi is an entirely different story.

The Glide has excellent WiFi signal attenuation and is compatible with B/G/N connections.

Surprisingly, it even supports 5.0GHz Wireless-N connections, which aren't necessarily ideal for a smartphone but can come in useful when streaming HD content between wireless devices on your network.

Samsung captivate glide

The web browser is much like any other current Android device. Much like Chrome, the address bar doubles as a search bar, and you have your usual navigation gestures – pinch-to-zoom, etc.

One small difference is double tap-to-zoom, which will zoom to fit the text onto the screen rather than reflow it.

This feature isn't quite as useful in portrait mode, but with the slide-out keyboard, you'll likely be in landscape mode any time you're browsing.

You also get support for Adobe Flash, but it does not come installed by default.

Samsung captivate glide

Overall web navigation is very fast and extremely smooth. It's clear that Samsung has emphasized a smooth UI throughout this phone.