palm pixi

As expected, the Palm Pixi supports the same media formats as the Pre, which includes most common formats such as MP3, AAC and WAV for music and MPEG-4 and H.264 for video.

Apple has seen to it that Palm phones no longer work with iTunes, but there's an easy fix to that problem: we just used the slightly-older iTunes 8 to sync music files, both from a Mac and a PC, and never had any problems.

The Pixi only has 8GB of storage, and in our tests we could only use about 7GB of that space – which is essentially about enough room for one movie (at 1.5GB) and a few hundred songs.

Your experience with the device might be different, especially if you rip songs at low fidelity – you may be able to load the device with a complete collection of MP3s. However, sound quality on the device does benefit from using higher quality bit-rates.

In our tests with 320Kbps songs by The Low Anthem, the Pixi sounded robust over Bluetooth using the Altec Lansing Backbeat headset we used – the sound quality matched any iPod we have ever used.

We also tested the headphone jack, which is positioned at the top of the handset for easy access, and the sound quality was also excellent.


Movie playback was another story. YouTube videos looked okay – they are low-resolution and stream directly off Google servers.


MOVIES: It took about 15 minutes to copy just one movie file to the device. Movie playback was hit and miss

Movies we added as MPEG files would occasionally stall during playback, again probably due to the Qualcomm processor not having enough processing power to keep the bits flying smoothly on the screen, or perhaps because there is not enough RAM on the device.

Even when we closed every other app and played a movie by itself, the Pixi had some trouble with a full MPEG movie we ripped using Handbrake on the Mac.

The Pixi does not support web services for movies such as Cinemanow or Movielink either. Transfer time to the device was horrendously slow – it took about 15 minutes to copy just one 325MB MPEG-4 movie, compared to about half that time to transfer it to an iPhone.