The music player on the Vegas is disappointing too. Its player interface looks adequate, with settings adjustments to go with its touchscreen control buttons. But loading up tunes, you get a simple list of tracks rather than any more sophisticated categories.


And if you want to listen to tunes, you'll have to invest in a MicroSD card – Orange's stated 64MB of memory turned out to be nearer just 0.5MB of user storage on our sample, so there's no room for storing tracks on the phone itself.

The music player produces a mediocre performance, the accompanying earphones – connected via a Mini USB socket – delivering below par sound quality that's anaemic and bass-light.

There is a decent enough FM radio option, which is easy to tune in and operate. It can store up to 9 channels, and you can record clips straight from the radio to play back later (though the quality of these is ropier than the orginal broadcasts).

Battery Life

Power performance from the Orange Vegas isn't particularly impressive. Orange quotes optimum standby time of up to 7 days, or talktime of up to 3 hours, which is on the low side for a non-3G phone – albeit one with a touchscreen.


With limited music player activity, we managed two days with our normal levels of phone calling; more active feature use reduced that further.


The Vegas has a typical array of basic phone organiser tools inside, include a detailed calendar, alarm, calculator, stopwatch, convertor and world clock functions.



The usual touch text input set-up is used for making calendar task notes, but otherwise the other elements work effectively enough for a handset like this.


Bluetooth connectivity is available in this handset, so wireless stereo ear-gear can be used. File transfer is slightly less intuitive than on other models from the main manufacturers like Nokia and Sony Ericsson, but it works OK.


The Mini USB connector takes care of business for data transfer, charging and earphone duties. The Vegas does support mass storage transfer – though you'll need a MicroSD in place to have any meaningful storage on the handset. No PC synching software is supplied. however


Incidentally, the Orange Vegas can also function as a USB webcam when hooked up to a PC.