Images produced by the Orange Vegas's low-grade 1.3-megapixel camera are limited too, the low res shooter lacking autofocus and a flash.


The shooter fires up in a couple of seconds, and the interface offers a column of touch option icons for settings changes.

The set-up doesn't work well though, as tapping one of these icons changes it instantly to a new setting rather than bringing up a list of options to choose from; you then have tap several times to rotate back to the original setting.


MOVEMENT: the camera doesn't like moving subjects

This can be annoying if you inadvertently brush the screen and accidentally change a setting while shooting.

Taking images, we found colour rendition was acceptable in good light, but image quality was unsatisfactory overall, with limited detail in shots.


DETAIL: the photos lacked detail, and colours looked washed-out


EXPOSURE: photos look over-exposed in shots with high contrast

In addition, picture processing is slow for such a low-res camera. Low-light shooting was as bad as you might expect in what is very much an entry-level camera.

low light

LIGHTING: the camera performed poorly in low light conditions

It does have a video capture facility, though its performance is rudimentary, shooting at maximum 176x144 pixels resolution to produce ropey quality, jerky video playback.