Mapping and navigation duties are handled by Google Maps and the free turn-by-turn navigation that comes with it. This is when the value of this phone really comes into its own. Not only do you get a decent smartphone, with full access to games and apps, but if you were to splash out on a phone cradle, this handset would easily replace a stand-alone GPS unit.


Of course, like web browsing, the quality of the screen is an issue for when you are using the phone for in-car navigation. You really have to be in exactly the right position to get the best possible image out of this screen, and that may not always be convenient from behind the wheel of your car.

As we mentioned before, there are few extra apps installed on our review unit that are not part of the stock Android build. There is the social networking tools, Facebook, Twitter, etc, plus the Bluetooth tool for connecting a keyboard mouse.

In the System Menu there are a few more additions. One that caught our eye was a schedule tool for automatically turning the power on and off. If you can live without your phone at night, you could set it to turn off at midnight and back on at 6 am, saving 8-hours of standy power usage for the next day.

You can also create your own audio profiles in the Sound menu on the phone. This is handy if you don't find that the standard "silent" and "vibrate" presets don't cover your usage patterns.