In line with the decision to keep a stock Android experience on the Agora, all apps for calling, messaging, contacts and email are just as they would be found on a Google phone.

dual sim text

We like this especially, the Android address book from Ice Cream Sandwich is so clean-looking and well laid out, and the calling app is functional.

Of course, these everyday elements are slightly augmented to account for the fact that you could have two SIM cards installed. For example, when you send or receive an SMS, the message has a little flag beside it to tell you which service it was sent or received from.

There are two email apps, as there are on all Android phones. Gmail has its own space, with one of the best email app designs on the market. All other email, particularly Exchange mail for businesses, goes through the standard Email app.


Touch typing

When typing a message, you get the choice of two keyboard types, the standard Android one or something called Magic Keyboard; a bonus app pre-installed on the phone.

To be honest, we're not sure what it is about Magic Keyboard that makes it other-worldly, it really looks and works like most other smartphone keyboards on the market.

Neither of the pre-installed keyboards is a match for Swype and its continuous input method, though. If you buy an Agora we recommend you head straight to and download the latest version.