As we mentioned earlier, mobile data speeds on the phone are capped to a maximum of 7.2MBps because of the kind of modem used in the Agora. This sounds like it should hold the phone back, but in truth, it doesn't.

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In fact, the biggest problem with web browsing on this phone is the quality of the screen, though we think most people will be able to get passed this downside enough for a quick Google search from time to time.

The default browser appears to be based on Google's Chrome browser, with the same tabbed browsing graphic and the same settings and options.

This is a good thing; the Chrome browser is fast and renders pages well. It is no different on the Agora. Pages load as quickly as the network latency allows, and everything looks the way it should.

You also get a grabbed tabbed browsing interface with this browser, too. You can have numerous pages open at once, and easily switch between them using the icon on the right hand side of the URL bar.

Social networking is also well represented, with apps for Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Google Talk all pre-installed.