While we might have been pleasantly surprised by the build quality of this phone, the camera is exactly as we expected it to be. Though it looks like the same camera on a Galaxy Nexus, with the same same user interface and tools, the image sensor is among the worst we've seen for quite some time.

But then, this is only a $150 phone, and for that sort of money, you can't have absolutely everything.

Camera fruit

This photo of peaches and nectarines is taken outdoors on a clear, sunny day. You'll notice that the colours are washed out, and that the focus is soft.

Camera flowers

Admittedly, this photo would be difficult for most smartphone cameras, but what surprised us was that the flash didn't fire despite being on auto-flash mode.

Cam flowers indoors

Again, the colours here are all wrong, making this vibrant bouquet seem sickly.


With the flash switched to 'on'. You can see the flash light in the white elements, but it isn't very powerful otherwise.