One of the unique selling points of this phone is so unique it lives in the title. Dual-SIM phones are relatively unheard of outside of Asia, thanks mostly to the strength of the mobile operators and their distaste for handsets that would primarily be used to promote the services of their competitors.

Dual sim

But Kogan sells this handset directly via its online store, and it certainly doesn't care which SIM card you put in the phone. Though, we're sure they'd prefer one of the slots to have a Kogan Mobile SIM installed.

SIM on, SIM off

Dual Sim menu

The dual-SIM functionality is very easy to use, with a dedicated system menu slot set aside just ofr this purpose. Both slots work the same way, and you can choose which SIM is responsible for which services, or you can choose to have the phone ask you before each call or SMS.

It would have been nice to have a dedicated Home screen shortcut or a widget for the dual-SIM settings, given that you are likely to access them frequently.

Both slots can be used for data too, with network compatibility for Australia's 3G networks on 900 and 2100MHz. Data speeds are capped at 7.2Mbps for downloads, but to be honest, we haven't noticed the difference in everyday web browsing.

Dual SIM select

If you prefer to save on mobile data, there is a Wi-Fi module onboard for connection to networks at home or at the office. There is also Bluetooth onboard for connecting to peripherals and other phones.

Interestingly, there is an app installed that controls Bluetooth connections to input tools, like mouse and keyboard. This is a function that is available on all new Android phones, but we've never seen it so prominently displayed before.