Huawei certainly isn't a company that has made a name for itself with photography features in its smartphones, in fact cameras have always seemed like an afterthought for the company rather than an essential component.

The 8-megapixel camera in the Mate is a bit of a surprise then, with a few neat features , a fast shutter speed and better than average results -- under optimal lighting conditions.

Camera 1

Hipsters, prepare to filter your photos

The camera interface is pretty simple; there are no long menus of options to sift through, just the basics. Beyond this, Huawei includes a few Instagram-like colour filters and a few goofy distortion effects.

Camera 2

A photo feature you may use once, if at all

The photos we've taken are pretty good. The focus is often sharp, auto-white balance is ok, colour reproduction is good, and the finish proiduct is something you can (often) post proudly to your social network of choice.

Of course, this is the only good place for these photos. When we examined the photos close-up on a PC, there is obvious problems with them. The edges around many of the objects in photos are scuffed with digital artefacts, and the colour tone has an obviously digital look - the way images from a webcam do.

Cam test 1

Great colour on a nice, sunny day

Cam test 2

And yet, i still want to go inside and touch everything...

Cam test 3

Cam test 4