A 6.1-inch screen is crying out to be used online. Web pages look great spread across this display, especially photo rich sites like Facebook and Instagram.

To make sure you can always get online, Huawei pack the Mate with penta-band HSPA+ network connectivity, with support for 850/900/1700/1900/2100Mhz networks. This means you should be able to roam on 3G networks in most part of the world that have these networks setup.

Huawei browser 1

The default browser does a good job, though alignment can be out

There is no 4G, though. So if you are looking for the fastest mobile internet, you'll have to give the Huawei Mate a miss. Which is strange, considering that Huawei probably built the 4G network you are trying to access.

Huawei browser 2

The web browsing experience is solid, but not exception in any way. The default browser is fast enough, and features a design similar to Google's Chrome browser.

Beyond mobile network connections, the Mate has support for dual-band WiFi connections on a/b/g/n network structures. It also supports Bluetooth, including the latest version 4.0 protocols, and there is the ubiquitous GPS satellite communication too.